Mai Kawakami

Mai Kawakami

川神 舞
Mai is another young girl with a special ability, and she is a second-year high school Student at Hosea Academy and fights phantoms with Haruhiko Ichijou.

Mai is a fairly tall, busty young girl with a fresh face. She has long, straight sandy blonde hair which is usually seen being tied into a ponytail at the side, with a big blue ribbon. Mai also has beauty marks under her left eye. In the anime however, she has beauty marks under both of her eyes.

Mai is very popular, have a lively personality and is very kind and caring. She is also very active and strong, like running a lot and only using her legs while fighting the phantoms. She is also very straightforward and she is the one that will do what she has to even if it’s a bit embarrassing. But she’s also very determined to get into the phantom jobs.

Not so much known about Mai's background, but she is one quarter Japanese, and she learned Chinese self-defense from her father.

Mai's ability is called ''Spirit of the Five Elements''. Her ability requires her to basically rub different areas from her sides to her chest to channel a specific element into her fists, using the classic Chinese elemental system. She specializes in close combat and her power consists on channeling elemental powers through her body, such as fire from her heart or water from her kidneys.

(Source: Musaigen no Phantom World Wikia)